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Pastor Rolland Daniels brings a message on the transformational church from 2 Corinthians 5:14-21.

Have we really made a difference? Has my life touched another life in such way that lasting good was accomplished through it?  In 1Thessalonians we find that theThessalonians them...

Jesus and Giving

Let’s begin with a simple truth: For as long as God has had a people He has expected the firstand best from His them. God’s expectation has always been that his people would of...

A Big Announcement

God has revealed his plans for Catalyst and its search for a new facility. Listen to this week's podcast to hear the big news and visit for accompanying photos.

As we celebrate Vision Sunday, Pastor Rolland (and several special guests) bring an inspiring word from Numbers 13 and 14. 

Benefit and Bless

Benefit and Bless May 13, 2018 Pastor Rolland Daniels

When Faith Becomes Priceless May 6, 2018 Pastor Rolland Daniels

Become an Overcomer

Become an Overcomer April 29, 2018 Pastor Rolland Daniels

How many times do you submit to a lack of confidence in yourself? How many times do opportunities pass you by because you lack the boldness to seize them? The answer: far too many ...

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