Sep 17, 2017

Who and What is the Holy Spirit?

What is the key to living for Jesus? It is, plain and simple, learning to let Jesus live through us by the power of the Holy Spirit. Listen to Pastor Rolland Daniels bring a message from the Lord to help us better understand who and what the Holy Spirit is.


Sep 10, 2017

Really? Read the Bible?

When people can be taught how to engage the Word and allow the Word to engage them then life transformation begins to take place. In Week 3 of the series "How to Live Like Sent People", Pastor Rolland Daniels focuses on why that is so and what makes that possible. Yes, really, read the Bible.


Sep 3, 2017

The Relentless Pursuit of God

The notion of who God is can be a confusing, consoling, contradictory, condemning, complicated and convoluted concept for different people. In part 2, of the series "How to Live Like Sent People", Pastor Rolland Daniels reminds of the truth of a just God whose unending love causes Him to be in relentless pursuit of us. 


Aug 27, 2017

Why Jesus Matters

In part 1 of the new series, "How to Live Like Sent People", Pastor Rolland Daniels discusses why Jesus matters to not only believers but those outside our walls as well. Why does Jesus matter? Because he is Everything.


Jul 24, 2017

Q & A with Pastor Rolland and Ellen. 7.22.2017

Q & A with pastor Rolland and Ellen on Saturday July 22, 2017 


Jul 23, 2017

Critical Conversations

The ability to have critical conversations only comes when we demonstrate consistent presence and love. Listen to today's message as Pastor Rolland Daniels teaches the importance of being able and willing to have faith based conversations when God opens the door with friends and family.  


Jul 5, 2017

Freedom and Independence

As we celebrate freedom and Independence the holiday pails in comparison to the freedom we find in Christ when He sets us free from the bondage of sin. 


Mar 18, 2017

Is It Real…

How do you view life's challenges? The outlook you have will determine if you simply just go through it or if you can GROW through it. Trusting that God is in control will bring peace beyond our understanding regardless of how dark and rocky the road ahead appears. 


Feb 13, 2017

The God Who Seeks 2.12.17

God actively seeks us out when we are far from Him. We can never be to far from His grace the only response needed from us is to allow ourselves to be found.  


Feb 7, 2017

The God Who Delivers 2.5.2017

Have you ever found yourself caught in destructive or sinful patterns and struggling to break the cycle. There is power in knowing and experiencing the deliverence that only God can provide. 


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